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Ranbima Grants

Grant of Ranbima and issue of Grants under Land Development Ordinance

The grants are awarded under the government land distribution scheme subject to the Land Development Ordinance put into act by the government with the intention of providing relief to the farmers in Sri Lanka.

Divisional Secretariat

Land recipients requesting a grant for their land

  1. If the land has been properly developed, the officers of the divisional secretariat, after a field inspection will order the District Superintendent of Survey to issue a tracing with boundary stones, to issue a grant.
  2. Accordingly the duplicate prepared by the Superintendent of Survey is sent to the Divisional Secretary.
  3. After receipt of the tracing of the Survey Department, the DS shall prepare a correct  grant in form EC 156.
  4. Grants should bear numbers. However in certain provinces such numbers are given by provincial Commissioner of Lands.
  5. Forwarding the prepared certificate of grants to Provincial/ Deputy  Commissioner of lands. The report of circular 2008/01 should accompany this.
  6. After receipt of grants signed by the President, those grants are sent to the Land Registry through Divisional Secretary.
  7. Returning the same to Divisional Secretary after registering in Land Registry.
  8. Grants completed in registration process are granted to land owners after charging service fees.

Provincial Land Commissioner’s Office/Deputy Land Commissioner’s Office

  1. Grants sent by the Divisional Secretariat are checked and recorded and the same are sent to the Land Commissioner General if there are no shortcomings in them.
  2. Grants with shortcomings should be resent to the Divisional Secretary and Corrected.
  3. Re-forwarding the grants signed by the Secretary to the President to the Divisional Secretary.

Land Commissioner General's Department

  1. Recording / documentation of the grants received from Provincial Commissioner of Lands/Deputy Land Commissioner. 
  2. Checking grants. The following facts are checked According to the circular  2008/01 of Land Commissioner General.Should check whether 1st and 2nd schedules have been prepared according to Ranbima Circular No.5/2/6 dated 07.11.2011. 
  3. Including accurate grants in ledgers. 
  4. Labeling grants in red and preparing covering letter to send to the Secretary to the President. 
  5. Forwarding to the Secretary to the President with the covering letter
  6. Re-submitting the grants with shortcomings to Land Commissioner / Deputy Land Commissioner.
  7. After getting signature of His Excellency President, the Secretary to the President would return such grants to us.
  8. Certifying the duplicates of such grants, covering the original and returning them to Provincial Land
  9. Commissioner/ Deputy Land Commissioner / Assistant Land Commissioner.

President’s Secretariat

Certifying the grants received from Land Commissioner General with the image signature of the His Excellency President and forwarding the same to Land Commissioner General.

Land Registry
  1. After sending the grants signed by His Excellency President to the Land Registry through the Divisional Secretary , they are duly registered.
  2. Thereafter they are forwarded to the Divisional Secretary.


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