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  1. Management of Inter provincial irrigation and land development projects.
  2. Planning, implementation of resettlement schemes under Land Development Ordinance and issuing grants for the distributed lands.
  3.  Distribution of lands under Government Land Ordinance        Under this 
    • Grant of lands under long term permits for houses, agricultural, industrial and commercial purposes.
    • Issue of special and independent grants.
    • Issue of Temporary Deeds for Temples.  
    • Release, lease and transfer of land necessary for government departments, statutory boards and Local government bodies.
  4.  Distribution of lands under Land Grant (Special Provisions) Act and issue of Grants.
  5. Conservation of state lands and reserves under Taking Over the Possession of State Lands (Repossession) act.
  6. Provision of infra structure facilities to residential projects.
  7. Providing directions and guidance to Provincial Land Commissioners and Divisional Secretaries to administer lands in addition to inter provincial land development projects.
  8. Expediting recovery of tax on permits to strengthen government income.
  9. Carrying out Human Resource Development work.

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