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Niyadana Sadana Awards

Under Lands Grant Act No.43 of 1979 (Special Provisions) issue of a Niyadana Sadana Awards was started when delivering lands to less income groups (Less than Rs.1750 Annual Income)

Divisional Secretariat
  1. Distribution of lands to those who don’t possess lands after checking the suitability. Issue of Niyadana Sadana Awards for the same.
  2. Checking whether the land has been properly developed on the request of the land owners and issue of survey order to District Superintendent of Survey.
  3. After submission of the due diagramme by the survey department to the Divisional Secretary, the Divisional Secretary should accurately prepare it by the relevant form EC 14 and submit the same to Provincial /Deputy Land Commissioner.
  4. Before preparing Niyadana Sadana Award, there should be a gazette notification of taking over the relevant land by the government and a copy of the said gazette should be produced with the Niyadana Sadana Award
  5. No numbers should be given for Niyadana Sadana Award

Provincial Land Commissioner’s Office/ Deputy Land Commissioner’s Office

  1. Checking the accuracy of Niyadana Sadana Award by the Divisional Secretary and forwarding the same to Land Commissioner General’s Department.
  2. In case of shortcomings sending the same to Divisional Secretary and correcting them.
Land Commissioner General’s Department
  1. Checking the Niyadana Sadana Award received
    • Comparing the accuracy of Schedule with the tracing
    • Names of those who prepared and checked it should be mentioned
    • Checking whether there is a gazette notification on taking over the land by the government.
    • Checking whether the President’s name is accurate.
    • Checking whether the full name and the address of Niyandana Sanana Award creator have been mentioned.
    • Should be with 4 copies and the first copy printed. Checking whether tracing of carbon copy has been certified by the  Superintendent of Survey.
    • All facts should be typed. Correction fluid should not have been used.
  2. Ledgering
    • Assigning numbers for Niyadana Sadana Award and entering the same in the relevant ledger. Typing the number at the top of Niyadana Sadana Award
  3. Originals should be labeled in red with 3 other separate copies  .
  4. Preparation of the covering letter to send the original with the red label to forward the same to the Secretary to the President.
  5. Forwarding the Niyadana Sadana Award with the covering letter to the Secretary to the President.
  6. Sending the grant papers certified by the Secretary to the President to the Deputy Land Commissioner / Provincial Land Commissioner.
Presidential Secretariat
  1. Certifying the Niyadana Sadana Award with the image signature of the His Excellency President and returning the same.
District Land Registry
  1. Divisional Secretary forwards the Niyadana Sadana Papers sent to him with the signature of the His Excellency president to this office for registration.
  2. It is returned to the Divisional Secretary after registration.
  3. After registration the Divisional Secretary hands over the grant certificate to the relevant landlord.

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