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Nominating Succrssor For Grant Issued Under The Land Development Ordinance.

    Q: Giving ownership of Grant (succession)


·       Ownership of land with grant,could be given only to your husband/wife, children or blood relations. 

·       If you like, you can subdivide the land, subject to limitation in the grant and give to your children. 

·       If necessary, ownership could be given to your wife or husband. 

·       Or else,you can give the ownership to your blood relation. 


   Q: If succession is not nominated:


·       It is your right to decide, who should be successor to your land. 

·       You can nominate anyone, either your wife/husband, children or blood relation  on your successor. 

·       If you die without taking this decision, ownership would be given as stipulated in the law. 

·       When you have sons and daughters, sons are entitled for ownership, first. 

·       When there are several sons, the eldest son will get the ownership. 

·       When there are only daughter, the eldest is entitled to ownership. 

·       On such occasions, even if the younger children are in possession of the land ownership cannot be given according to the Law. 

·       Therefore, where you nominate for ownership would it not be justifiable for your children? 

·       Therefore, Do not forget to take action, today itself itself to give succession ownership to your children. 


    Q: How to nominate the successors?


·       It is simple 

·       No fees are levied for this service. 

·     Please obtain form LC 155 from the Divisional secretariat or Deputy Land Commissioner ‘ s/Assistant Land Commissioner’s  (InterprovinciL) office and complete it and hand over back in triplicate. 

·       Then forms could be certified by Notary public, Justice of peace, Registrar of  Land. 

·       This work could be done at the Divisional secretariat easily and free of charge. 

·       This document will be registered at the Land Registry and one copy will be given to you. 

·       Protect this copy with you carefully. 


    Q: Can the nomination be cancelled?


v        Yes

v        When you nominate persons you want and Register 3 forms, previous nomination Would be cancelled.

   Contact under mentioned officers for further  details.

·       Grama Niladhaari of your division.

·       Colinization officer\Field Instructor of your Division.

·       Divisional Secretary.

·       Assistant Land Commissioner (Inter provincial)

·       (Debarawewa,Mahiyangana, Ampara,Amuradhapura,Polonaruwa,Kantalai,Moneragala,Trincomale)

·       Depity land commissioner (Ranbima)

                                  Telephone  :  0112797400


  Obtaining Loan By Pledging The Grant As Surety 

    Q: What are the institution, Where grant could be pledged as surety to obtain loan?


·       Peoples Bank 

·       State Mortgage and Investment Bank  

·       Bank of Ceylon 

·       Development Finance Corporation of Sri  Lanka  

·       National Housing Development Authority 

·       Commissioner of National Housing 

·       Sri Lanka Housing Development Financial Corporation Limited 

·       Societies and Companies registered under the Co – Operative Societies Ordinance 

·       Institution registered under the finance Act no 11 of 1963 

·       Institution registered under the Finance Companies Act no 27 of 1979 

·       Institution registered under the Finance Act (Amendment) 78 of 1988 

·       Any other institutions approved by the Land Commissioner General

    Q: When the loan is defaulted?


·       If the loan or mortgage not redeemed, land will be confiscated by the relevant lending institution 

·       The relevant institution could sell the land and recover the loan amount 

·       On that occasion, any person irrespective of class, profession or income could purchase the land. 

·       Since the purchased land is bound by condition, it is necessary that the purchaser should act, according to those condition. 

·       Prior approval letter should be obtained from the Divisional secretary\Deputy Land Commissioner (inter provincial) if the purchasers transfers the land again. 

·       Could the grant be pledged as surety for loan obtained by children? 

·       Yes, you will be the pledger for the said loan.

    Q: How to obtain loan or to mortgage using the Grant


·     you should submit your application to the Divisional secretary or the Deputy Land Commissioner (inter provincial). He will obtain reports from the Grama Niladhaari\Colinization Officer. 

·      The original grant and the relevant folio sheet obtained from the Land Registry concerned, should be submitted. 

·      A letter from the institution from where it is expected to obtain the loan or to mortgage, together with a copy of the agreement prepared by the said lending institution, should secretary\ Deputy Land Commissioner (inter provincial) 

·     The Divisional secretary\Deputy Land Commissiner (inter provincial) will issue the approval letter on form 05, together with the approved loan agreement 

·       This letter and the approved loan agreement should be submitted to the relevant lending institution 


We shall get our entitlement for Grant under the Land Development ordinance

    Q: What are the grants issued Up to now, under the Land Development Ordinance?


·       Swarna Bhoomi

·       Jayabhoomi

·       Ratnabhoomi

·       Ranbima


    Q: What is the importance of the grant


           The grant is a legal document, which ensures total ownership of the land you have developed up to now under the Land Developmwnt ordinance Permit.

    Q: What are the eligibilities to obtain a grant?


·       You should have obtained land on permit under Land Development Ordinance. 

·       The land should be well developed If land given for residence, house should be constructed and should live there.

·       All payments due to the state should have been paid and completed.


    Q: How to obtain the grant?


·       If you have fulfilled above eligibilities, please hand over your application to the Grama Niladgaaria or field instructor

·       The Grama Niladhaaria or Field Instructor would inspect the land and submit report to the Divisional secretary

·    The Land Officer\Colonization officer also would Inspect the land and submit report to Divisional secretary certifying that you have developed the land

·      The Divisional Secretary or the Deputy Land Commissioner (inter provincial) would get the land surveyed by the Department of Survey and put, Lay boundary stones and obtain plan.

·      After obtaining the plan, the Divisional secretary\Deputy Land Commissioner (inter provincial) will prepare the grant and will send to the land Commissioner General through the provincial Land Commissioner.

·      The Land Commissioner General will examine the grant and if it is in order will send to the secretary to the predident for his Excellency the president’s signature

·    After receiving the duly signs grants, it will be sent it either the Divisional Secretary or to the Deputy :and Commissioner (inter provisional)

·      The Divisional Secretary or the Deputy Land Commissioner (inter provincial) will inform you to pay Rs.100/= as service cgaeges for the grant

·       You should take action to pay that amount without delay

·      After that, the Divisional secretary or Deputy Land Commissioner (inter provincial) will register the grant at the land registry and will give you the grant.



    Q: What are the differences between the permit and the Grant?


·       Permit is a temporary document

·       Permit is subject to conditions

·       If conditions are violated, permit caned be cancelled

·       Survey plan is not attached to permit

·       The Permit is signed by the Divisional secretary or the Deputy Land Commissioner

·       The grant is signed by His Excellenncy, the president

·       Therefore,there is full ownership of the land

·       Mostly grants are with survey plans. Therefore extent of the land is definite.


    Q: What are the benefits you get from Grants?


·       You can mortgage your clear grant with the bank, when you need money to develop your land or repair your house

·       You can place it as surety, for your children’s loans

·       You can keep your grant as surety in courts



 Giving State Lands on Long Term Lease for the Special Promotion Projects

    Q: Special Promotion projects are,


·        Approved cabinet project.

·        A project approved by the board of investment

·       A project approved by the Ministry of industries.

·       A project with a special patronage of any state affiliated institution.


    Q: General documents which the applicant should submitted


·         Request.

·         Project Report.

·          Project Approved by Board of Investment/Ministry of Industry/the other institution.

·          Registration of company

·         If a joint venture,the details of the directory (the details under the form 48 of the company registration Act)

·          Affidavits  as per fomat issued by the Divisional Secretary, which affirms that the properties belong to them are within the limit of 50 acres.


    Q: General conditions applied to the lessess


·       Term of lease is thirty years (30)

·       This will be extended up to 50 years under the special approved of the cabinet.

·       Rental must be annually paid.

·       The amount of lease will be be quinquennially revised by 50%.

·       The Land cannot be used for any purpose for which the land was obtained.

·       The land must be maintained in proper state of development.

·       No sub – leasing mortgage and vesting can be done without due permission.

·       Special conditions which could be stipulated by the other institutions.

·       Actions could be taken in order to cancel the lease indenture on the occasion of violating the conditions.




·       Ownership of land with grant,could be given only to your husband/wife, children or blood relations. 

·       If you like, you can subdivide the land, subject to limitation in the grant and give to your children. 

·       If necessary, ownership could be given to your wife or husband. 

·       Or else,you can give the ownership to your blood relation. 

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